Request For Haulin' Services

We work hard to answer every call. When we are driving or on a job, you may reach our voicemail. We will do our best to get to you through your preferred method of communication ASAP.
SUV: 4-5 boxes or trash bags, 1-2 small pieces of furniture or appliances (folding chairs/electronics etc.), 10-20 broken down cardboard boxes Pick-up Truck: 10-20 boxes or trash bags, 1-3 mattresses, 2-3 medium sized furniture or appliances (dresser, couch, dishwasher etc.) Box Trailer: items that are less than 5ft tall by 10ft long during transport, 3-5 medium to large furniture pieces or appliances, small storage unit cleanout, construction debris, landscape debris etc. *These are all general ranges
Ease of access would mean all items are gathered and ready to be loaded in one place near the pick-up location. If we will need to retrieve them from different locations, climb stairs, carry things a distance or over or around other things etc. please choose "No" to ease of access.
We are happy to provide curbside pick-ups, and no contact service. Full payment of estimate is required prior to service when providing no contact or curbside pick-ups. Upon arrival we will text a "Before" picture and verify payment has been made. If upon arrival, we determine that the estimate needs to be adjusted based on the actual job findings, we will not proceed with the job until contact with the customer has been made. Upon completion of the job we will send an "After" picture. If items are in a secured location that needs to be unlocked or opened to provide us access, the customer or a representative must be onsite at the time of service.
We are not a donation center. If you request to have your items donated, we will do our best to attempt to donate your items to at least two different locations. We cannot control what they will or will not accept as donations. For any items that are not accepted by a donation center, we will attempt to recycle them, otherwise we will need to take them to the landfill. If a donation center accepts any of your items, and you request a tax-deductible receipt, we can provide one within 14 days of your service date.
*Landfills charge an additional fee for certain items. The customer will be responsible for the additional fee. We have no hidden fees so the fees will be listed out for you on your estimate.
Please list items with quantities